New Survey Seeks Widespread Engagement in Shaping Future Sustainability Standards


CARES has launched an unprecedented stakeholder consultation exercise to seek to maximise performance improvements in its sustainability ambitions across the steel supply chain.

The wide-ranging consultation among manufacturers, processors, consultants, NGOs, government departments, designers, consultants and other stakeholders will help shape Version 10 of CARES’ SCS Scheme, by capturing the collective views of partners on a range of key issues facing the steel industry. The survey will augment CARES’ role not only in construction – but as a responsible player across the communities in which it plays a part.

Issues ranging from human rights to environmental risk and labour rights – plus other factors – are all important elements in due diligence legislation enacted in the drive towards decarbonisation. But more work needs to be done; the aim is to share knowledge and build towards optimum guidelines.

Taking the form of an online survey, the consultation exercise invites stakeholders to submit their responses on SCS-linked subjects by 31 March. CARES will review responses as part of an ongoing, and updated, review process during Q2 2024 before moving to agreement on the proposed changes and communicating these proposals – and a timeline for rollout of SCS V10 – by the end of the year.

During 2025 the new version will be published, with a formal transition period set out for adoption of V10. Longer term, the goal is to periodically review the new scheme, ensuring that during the period 2025-2030, CARES is fully aligned with the science and wider performance expectations.

“For CARES this exercise is both groundbreaking and vitally important to our longer-term strategic goals of pursuing excellence in sustainability standards,” explained CARES’ Chief Executive Officer Lee Brankley.

“In order to achieve these stretching goals we cannot act in isolation; we must work proactively with our colleagues across our clients base and wider stakeholder network.

“I would urge our colleagues to join us in this exercise. Your support and engagement is vital in helping shape a sustainable future for all those who share our responsible sustainability goals.”

The CARES online survey can be found here: