Application Process

1. Applications for a certificate of approval are made to the Chief Executive Officer stating the Standard(s) for which certification is being sought. The applicant is required to have and be able to demonstrate:

  1. The technical capability and resources required to meet the requirements of the relevant Standard(s) and CARES Operations Assessment Schedule.     
  2. A management system as defined in the applicable CARES Operations Assessment Schedule which the Authority, in its absolute discretion, requires. The system  shall be documented formally in a management system manual.         
  3. A proven ability to manufacture, fabricate, install or supply products and to do so consistently to the Standard(s) covered by the Certification Scheme.  

2. Applications for CARES approval shall include:

  1. A completed application form including a signed declaration.    
  2. The appropriate application fee and other fees (Terms of Business).   
  3. A management system (in form of a manual in any format and media), and where appropriate, documented information.  

The procedures for application, assessment and maintenance of approval are detailed in the Certification Scheme Manual.

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