Quarterly Returns

Customer quarterly returns consists of two aspects: Complaints returns and submission of long term quality levels (LTQL) for producers.

  • The quarterly returns file SHALL be completed and emailed to the CARES office general@carescertification.com no later than 14 days after the quarter ends
    • Q1 – Due 14 April
    • Q2 – Due 14 July
    • Q3 – Due 14 October
    • Q4 – Due 14 January
  • The spreadsheet is provided in two formats (one is macro free if should you are having difficulties opening the version containing macros)
  • Appropriate worksheets are to be used for data input (dependant on scope of approval)
  • Bar and Coil products should be entered on separate sheets. In the case of multiple rolling mills, results can be combined into one sheet
  • Companies using non-standard sizes can use the spare rows within the tables
  • Please include both LTQL and customer complaints data in this file on relevant worksheets. Please do NOT use separate files for this information
  • If you have not produced product to the standard for which you are certified during the relevant period, please select the box on the client information sheet to indicate this. If an equivalent grade has been produced please use data from this product
  • Complaint return should cover those complaints registered within the 3 month period

Schemes requiring complaints returns:
SRC – Appendix: 1, 1N, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11 & 12
CPAS – Appendix: 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24
TA – Appendix: TA1-A, TA1-B, TA1-C, TA2, TA7, TA12, TA1-F & TA15
PT – Appendix: PT3, PT6, PT7, PT8, PT10

Schemes requiring long-term quality levels to be submitted:
SRC Appendix 1 Quarterly BS 4449 each size/ grade
SRC Appendix 1N Quarterly BS 4449 each size*
SRC Appendix 3 Quarterly BS 4482 / BS4449 each size/ grade
SRC Appendix 4 Quarterly BS 4483 each size
CPAS Appendix 3 Quarterly ISO 14654 each size/ grade
CPAS Appendix 16 Half - yearly BS 6744 each size
CPAS Appendix 21 Half - yearly SS 560 each size / grade
CPAS Appendix 23 Quarterly ISO 6935-2 each size / grade
CPAS Appendix 24 Quarterly CS2 each size / grade
PT Appendix 8 Quarterly BS 5896 each size**
TA Appendix 13 Half - yearly BS 6744 each size

* if insufficient data is available to make meaningful assessment of characteristic values, previous data shall be included to ensure a minimum of 200 results are available.
**rate of testing as per standard


  1. Quick Guide for Submitting Quarterly Returns
  2. Quarterly Returns example
  3. Quarterly Returns (no macros)
  4. Quarterly Returns (with macros)