CARES secures go ahead for global steel approval audits


CARES is pleased to announce that the Global Steel Climate Council (GSCC) has endorsed our application to become an approved certification body for its members.

The GSCC Technical Committee approved CARES' application to conduct audits in line with the Council’s prestigious steel industry Climate Standard. As a result, CARES is ready to accept applications.

This “very welcome” step brings closer CARES' alignment with the Global Steel Climate Council's pace-setting decarbonisation goals, providing greater transparency for steel customers seeking carbon emissions data associated with steel procurement.

The GSCC’s mission is to accelerate progress in reducing carbon emissions through an effective steel standard for all producers – while CARES accelerates its drive towards greater digital transparency in product provenance.

“This is very welcome news from such a highly-regarded body,” said CARES Chief Executive Lee Brankley. “The Climate Standard work undertaken by the GSCC has been endorsed at the highest level across the industry, including the UK’s largest infrastructure companies.

“We are delighted to be associated with such important work in global efforts towards sustainable and climate-resilient steel production.”

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