BES 6001 Green light from accreditation body UKAS welcomed by CARES


CARES became a BES 6001 Licensee earlier this year (March) and immediately applied for UKAS accreditation.

We are delighted that the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) has confirmed that CARES is now accredited to carry out BES 6001 certification as part of an extension of scope in providing certification of steel products used in the construction industry.

Lee Brankley, CARES’ Chief Executive Officer, today welcomed the UKAS decision as a “very satisfactory outcome, and one that will reassure current and future customers that we have the proven capability to provide an extensive range of certification services, including BES 6001.”

Mr Brankley explained that the UKAS decision was important because it provided evidence of CARES’s commitment to the UKAS accreditation process, the highest-level endorsement of CARES’ competence in a very technical field. “The role of UKAS is to ‘check the checkers’ and, as such, it is most welcome to have this extension to our scope formally confirmed.”

Under the Product Certification standard approved by UKAS, CARES is now classified as an accredited Certification Body providing BES 6001 certification.

Full details of CARES’ accreditation from UKAS can be found on the UKAS website: