Highest Green Product Certification


The highest - Platinum level – award  for Green Product Certification has been achieved by Hong Kong steel manufacturer, and CARES approved producer, Shiu Wing Steel Limited for the supply of rebar and cut and bend products.

This important achievement recognises the combined efforts of CARES, Shiu Wing Steel Limited and the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC).

Green Product Certification (GPC) is the pre-eminent certification scheme operating in Hong Kong’s construction sector and is awarded by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) following a process of rigorous assessment of product sustainability and environmental performance.

The Council’s GPC scheme looks at a wide range of environmental and carbon footprint measures in assessing the overall performance of reinforcing bars and structural steel product supplied by manufacturers operating in this vibrant  construction market.

Working closely with CARES and the HKGBC, Shiu Wing Steel Limited has become the first enterprise to achieve Platinum certification, the highest of five product certification levels.

“This is an excellent achievement,” said CARES Chief Executive Officer Lee Brankley. “It reflects all the hard work Shiu Wing Steel Limited has  put  in to meeting stringent low carbon requirements set out in the GPC.

“We are very pleased to be working closely with them and the HKGBC in driving forward with efforts designed to deliver continuous improvement in the  sustainability performance of these critical construction products.” 

Third party verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) of CARES’ Sustainability Scheme approved manufacturers can be considered in the council’s GPC Assessment Guide, capturing a wide range of environmental factors including carbon footprint and resource consumption.

The Shiu Wing Steel Limited Platinum Rating for supplying rebars and cut and bend products used CARES’ EPD for products assessed in the GPC process.

Further details of the four Platinum Rating awards made by the CIC operated scheme can be found here: