Emirates Steel adopts CARES advanced verification technology


Emirates Steel, the leading integrated steel manufacturer in the Middle East, has become the first manufacturer to automatically upload product test data using a dedicated Application Programming Interface.

The company has adopted CARES’ state-of-the-art Dynamic QR Code verification technology to assure fast and seamless traceability of its rebar products, as part of its drive to digital assurance.

Rebar customers seeking comprehensive information about materials sourced from Emirates Steel can now access CARES Dynamic QR Code for a direct link to Emirates Steel’s uploaded product test data on the CAREs Cloud.

Engineer Saeed Ghumran Al Remeithi, CEO of Emirates Steel, said: “We have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with UK CARES and have their rapid expansion into digital assurance with great interest. By adopting this innovative Dynamic QR Code solution, we will make sure that the customers have accurate information at their request for a critical structural material such as rebar.”

He added: “It is important for Emirates Steel to remain at the forefront of technological innovation and make product data available to all stakeholders throughout the construction value chain.”

Lee Brankley, CARES’ Chief Executive Officer, described the ESI decision as “transformative.”

“The rollout of secure data held within the CARES Cloud has been welcomed by many clients and we are particularly delighted that Emirates Steel, one of the most prestigious steel manufacturers in the Middle East is now using Dynamic QR Code technology,” said Mr Brankley.

Mr Al Remeithi explained that Emirates Steel regarded the decision to move to “seamless interaction with valued clients” as “essential” for ESI. “Clients were increasingly seeking enriched product data to assist in forming recommendations on major infrastructure projects.

“We look forward to continuing our work with CARES and other stakeholders to deliver such digital transparency to local and global markets where CARES product certification is required.”

Adopting the CARES Cloud digital eco-system offers instant access to product information. Scanning the Dynamic QR Code shows the mechanical properties of Emirates Steel’s CARES certified products, together with information on product sustainability performance. Traceability is assured through a secure digital record capturing contemporaneous information, constantly updated.