Sustainable Constructional Steel v10 Consultation

CARES Sustainable Constructional Steel (SCS) scheme Version 10 Consultation

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CARES is committed to promote sustainable development aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It’s Sustainability Strategy includes measures to reduce its own direct impacts as well as actions to support performance improvements through its certifications and approvals as well as its outreach and work with construction, steel industry and other stakeholders. Our biggest impact by far is through the implementation of our SCS scheme, especially with steel producers.

The race to decarbonise the steel industry, the rise in due diligence legislation, which requires better knowledge of and actions in regard to labour rights, human rights and environmental risks in the supply chain, as well as customer demand, are all driving increased expectations. Increased regionalisation, advances in standardisation, building rating systems and traceability, for example, are impacting on the construction industry and the steel industry response to these changing market needs.

This survey seeks to explore the steel industry and broader stakeholder views on how CARES can best reflect these drivers and influence performance improvements through its SCS scheme and wider activities. We kindly invite you to complete this online survey by 31st March 2024 to help inform version 10 of the SCS scheme and CARES wider service offering. The survey takes approximately 20 minutes.

To assist you in completing the survey links to the Version 9 Manual, Operational Assessment Schedule and Self-Assessment Audit Workbook have been provided. 

The results of the survey will be collated and will inform proposals for version 10 of the CARES SCS scheme and its wider sustainability strategy. These proposals will then be publicised for further consultation. Final changes will be determined by the CARES multi-stakeholder Sustainability Committee and the Executive.

The timetable of the proposed scheme development is summarised below:
• Q1 2024: Initial stakeholder consultation through an online survey
• Q2 2024: SCS scheme update proposals development process
• Q3 2024: Communications and second consultation on proposed changes
• Q3 2024: Agreement on changes and development activities to finalise a new Version 10
• Q4 2024: Communications relating to the changes and timelines for them to approved and prospective firms
• 2025: SCS Version 10 published with a timeline for transition defined
• 2025-2030 periodic review to ensure scheme alignment to current science and performance expectations

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