Our board, commitee and structure

Governance and structure

CARES is governed by its Board which is composed of four Executives and four Non-Executive Directors. The Board is advised by a Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) comprising individuals representing specifiers, contractors, users and manufacturers. PAC members are not CARES company directors. The Board is also supported by technical advisory groups and overseas committees.

The CARES Board


  • Wayne Terry - Independent Chairman (Board and PAC)


  • Lee Brankley - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Ayhan Tugrul - Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Jane Smith - Finance Director & Company Secretary 
  • Ladin Camci - Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer (CT&SO) 

Non-Executive Directors:

  • Mike de Silva
  • Andy Truby
  • Ian Parish
  • Simon Griffiths

The CARES Policy Advisory Committee (PAC)

The PAC meets twice per year. The PAC consists of members nominated by the Chairman and CEO. The PAC has nominees from direct customers, indirect customers, Government departments and/or agencies, consumers, end-users and other members. The membership of the PAC takes into account the need for a balanced representation of all interested parties.

The PAC is responsible for the provision of advice to the Board of CARES on matters of policy and strategy.

Terms of Reference
1. To give advice to the Board on all matters of policy and strategy concerned with the operation and development of the Authority.
2. To raise issues for consideration by the CARES Board and Executive.
3. To review and comment on the Authority’s business plan.

The members of the CARES PAC are from the following organisations and professional institutions:

• Association of Consultancy and Engineering (ACE)
• National Highways
• Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA)
• Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE)
• International Steel Trade Association (ISTA)
• Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR/HSE)
• Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB)
• MPA Concrete Centre
• International Contractor
• UK Steel
• Post Tensioning Association (PTA)

Policy Statement 

The policy of CARES is to operate in complete accordance with the principles and criteria of the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and the requirements of the relevant conformity assessment standard, BS EN ISO/IEC 17065 and BS EN ISO/IEC 17021. CARES sets objectives for all key functions and reviews performance at regular intervals to identify areas for continual improvement.

CARES supports the principles of co-operation and co-ordination with organisations involved with International Certification. This includes participation in those groups established by the European Commission for that purpose, e.g. advisory and sector groups of notified bodies and the European Organisation for Technical Approvals (EOTA). CARES contributes to the activities of professional bodies, trade associations and standards making bodies, both national and international. These active involvements are undertaken to ensure the provision of maximum added value to both the users of the products with which CARES is associated and its direct clients. 

CARES is committed to the principles of sustainable development, including inclusivity, integrity and transparency, and shall actively promote those principles through the effective implementation of the CARES sustainable reinforcing steel scheme which is operated in accordance with BS 8902. Through proactive and frequent stakeholder engagement the Scheme has been specifically developed for the reinforcing steel supply chain using the most relevant performance indicators which shall be publicly reported at least annually. There shall be a full re-appraisal at least every two years in consultation with stakeholders to assess the level of performance by the Scheme against the sustainable development principles. CARES shall ensure that the Scheme steadily improves this level of performance through periodic review of the sustainability principles, responsible sourcing issues, objectives, targets and operational assessment schedules. The overall intent of this is that accredited certification of the reinforcing steel supply chain will deliver an improvement in sustainable development. CARES will endeavour to promote the fulfilment of this intent nationally and internationally.

CARES fully applies the stringent requirements necessary for organisations carrying out third party certification and accept the value of them to the operation of this organisation. This Management system has been established to ensure CARES meets those requirements.

Lee Brankley | CEO