CARES Arrangements for the National Bank Holiday of Monday 19th September


Dear customers,

You will have no doubt been following the touching tributes to Queen Elizabeth II over the past few days. Her dedication to public-service, dignity and humility will continue to inspire our work and personal lives.

The Government has announced that Monday 19th September will be a national bank holiday to commemorate the date of Her Majesty’s state funeral. Therefore, this communication outlines important information regarding the arrangements CARES will be making:

  • Office Closure: Our office will be closed for normal business but will remain open for essential business cover.
  • On-site/remote activities: We will aim to minimise the impact on our assessment activities and we have taken the necessary actions and coordinated the required activities accordingly.
  • CARES-led external events, website/social media: In keeping with the ten-day period of official mourning after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, CARES-led external events will be postponed and we will restrict website/social media posts to only essential communications.

Although this is a very sad time for the Royal Family and poignant time for us all, we can continue to be inspired by the unprecedented legacy of Her Majesty.

Thank you for your understanding and support at this time.

Yours sincerely,

Lee Brankley | Chief Executive Officer