It is with great sadness that CARES has learned of the death of Vic Harris, a highly respected auditor at CARES.

Vic enjoyed a long and successful career with British Steel before joining CARES in 1994, when the authority was still in its formative stage. After a long and dedicates service, Vic retired from CARES in January 2019, shortly before his 80th birthday.

Vic was an extremely knowledgeable and an experienced figure in the industry and played a very influential role in delivering audit services and other support to clients globally. Always a team player, he was hugely respected by colleagues and our clients. 

CARES Board and Staff members extend their condolences to all of Vic’s colleagues, friends, and family.

Please contact Michelle Knight via: secretary@ukcares.com  for information on funeral arrangements and charity donations. 

Lee Brankley, CEO.