Updated CARES Logo Guidelines published


An updated version (v3) of the CARES Logo Guidelines which set out the conditions of use of the CARES logo and static QR code has been published. The revised guidelines come into effect immediately and supersede all previous versions.

The revised guidelines include CARES logos incorporating a static QR code which was introduced earlier this year to improve logo security and traceability. This has been welcomed by clients, specifiers, contractors and processors.

CARES approved firms have been issued with a digital copy of the updated CARES logo(s) and static QR code as appropriate to their certification. 

Logos and further information may also be provided upon request by contacting general@ukcares.com

The transition period for existing certified companies to use only the CARES certified logo with static QR code is outlined in the table below:

CARES Certification Scheme

Transition Date

CARES Construction Products and Associated Services (CP&AS)

08 September 2020

CARES Steel for the Reinforcement of Concrete scheme (SRC)

01 April 2021

CARES Technical Approval scheme (TA)

01 April 2021

CARES Post Tensioning scheme (PT)

01 April 2021

CARES Construction Products Regulation scheme (CPR)

01 April 2021

CARES European Technical Approval scheme (ETA)

01 March 2021

CARES Environmental Management Systems scheme (EMS)

01 April 2021

CARES Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems scheme (OHSAS)

01 April 2021

CARES Sustainable Constructional Steel scheme (SCS)

01 April 2021

CARES BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing Certification Scheme

01 April 2021