Hong Kong construction body approves CARES environmental product scheme


New market opens up for clients as Hong Kong construction body approves CARES environmental product scheme.

Further international recognition of CARES’ sector-leading energy efficiency and environmental standards has been announced by Hong Kong’s Green Building Council.

Confirmation that CARES’ Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) scheme has met the stretching requirements for Hong Kong’s premier construction body is a significant development. It will open up new opportunities for CARES clients looking to export product direct to this important market.

Hong Kong’s Construction Industry Council (CIC) operates its CIC Green Product Certification (GPC) scheme which is already aligned with CARES’ own Sustainable Constructional Steel (SCS) scheme. Now, following a rigorous assessment, CARES has succeeded in its application to add its own Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) scheme to the Carbon Labelling Scheme run by the CIC.

Both the Green Product and Carbon Labelling schemes have been unified under this new CIC Green Product Certification mark which has now set a new standard for construction products entering the Hong Kong supply chain, and CARES clients who meet the EPD standard are now well placed to secure access.

Both CARES and the HKGBC are committed to achieving continuous improvement in energy efficiency and the environmental performance of safety critical reinforcing steels. Under the existing criteria CARES’ SCS scheme covered GPC requirements such as assessment of greenhouse gas emissions, material efficiency and optimum recycling standards. For its part the Hong Kong CIC is committed to a long term strategy of helping create a ‘greener built environment’ across Hong Kong.

Further details of the new CIC Green Product Certification guide for rebar and structural steels can be found at the