CARES releases a new product certification schedule for hot rolled flat steel products



CARES has released a new quality and operations assessment schedule for hot rolled flat steel products for the steel construction and industrial applications under Construction Products and Associated Services (CPAS) Scheme. As with all CARES certification services this new schedule is UKAS accredited and the latest CARES schedule of accreditation can be assessed from the UKAS website.  

Hot rolled flat steel is produced as a feedstock for coated steels and cold rolled flat steels, but also for direct use in a variety of steel construction and industrial applications including hot and cold forming, containers, pressure vessels, steel tubes used in transport and energy pipelines. This CARES assessment schedule describes the quality and operations requirements to ensure the consistent manufacture and compliance of the hot rolled flat steel products. It relates to the manufacture of these steels in the form of plates, coils and sheets commencing with the production of liquid steel and proceeding through casting to rolling in the plate/strip mill.  

The key features and benefits of the schedule are:

• Hot rolled flat steels are fully traceable throughout the production process including stocking, dispatch and        delivery to customer.

• All approved companies have ISO 9001 quality management system certificate and a valid factory production control certificate consistent with EN 10025:1-2004 Annex ZA.

• All approved companies maintain inspection, test and certification records for a minimum of ten years.

• Test programme for the Initial Assessment and subsequent Surveillance Inspections are witnessed by CARES Assessors.

• Process capability level evaluation is reviewed by CARES on a 6 monthly basis during the surveillance audits.   

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