Welding of reinforcement by CARES approved fabricators



CARES would like to remind all designers/specifiers/procurement professionals that the requirements for the welding of reinforcement were recently changed. Where CARES approved fabricators are performing welding activities, they must now have approval to ISO 17660 parts 1 and/or 2, as appropriate. The welding process has the potential to have adverse effects on the mechanical properties of the steel if not properly controlled and any rebar produced by a CARES approved manufacturer and processed by an approved fabricator will cease to be approved if it is subsequently welded by a company not having achieved approval to the ISO 17660 standard.

All fabricators with approval for welding can be found on the CARES website under “Approved Companies” by searching for “Fabricators with approved welding”.  Contractors are urged to check the status of their suppliers approval prior to placing any order for welded reinforcement.