It is with great sadness that CARES has learned of the death of Gerry Hayter, a highly respected Member of the CARES Policy Advisory Committee, representing Highways England.

Gerry, had remained active in his work for CARES right up until the most recent Policy Advisory Committee meeting, in December 2020, where once again he made memorable and significant contributions in support of our digitalisation strategy, reaffirming his commitment to CARES’ ongoing development.

Gerry originally joined the CARES Board almost 17 years ago and throughout his tenure his contributions were always well considered, positive and supportive.

Highways England have organised an online condolences card that will be presented to his family next week: https://www.groupgreeting.com/sign/f53b949e80584d2

CARES Members, Board and Staff, extend their condolences to the colleagues, friends, and family of Gerry Hayter. 

Lee Brankley, CEO.