CARES releases its annual sustainability report


CARES has released its Sustainable Constructional Steel Scheme Sector Report 2015/16.  It demonstrates how a CARES-approved supply chain for constructional steel can help reduce business risk and provide top-line benefits. 

The report lists the 34 companies from 10 countries who are currently CARES-approved suppliers within the Sustainable Constructional Steel (SCS) scheme.  It also describes the benefits of being a CARES-approved supplier. 

CARES’s Chairman, Professor Les Clark, OBE says: “Core to our commitment to sustainability in construction is the CARES SCS Scheme. Its rigour, integrity and quality underpin its market position and reputation. The challenges and opportunities of sustainable development support the need for greater collaboration and CARES is pleased to contribute to this dialogue and to make changes, listening to feedback, responding to market needs and improving the scheme. 2016 brought the introduction of the CARES Rosette Rating System enabling producers and fabricators to get credit for going beyond mandatory scheme requirements. This opportunity to differentiate also helps recognise companies who are innovating and setting the bar higher.” 

The report includes the performance from 2011 to 2015 against a selection of key metrics for producers which use recycled steel in production. 

The report also includes a mini procurement guide for users that want to specify the scheme, and describes the benefits of the scheme from the perspective of contractors. 

Jamila El Mir, Environment and Sustainability Senior Consultant at Arup, says: “There is increased interest from stakeholders in the construction industry to understand and document the environmental performance of materials – the first step towards improved material selection and reduced overall project environmental footprint. Within this trend, CARES has set the bar high by developing a detailed environmental product declaration for a key construction material, and has done so while bringing the key stakeholders of the industry together at the same table.” 

The CARES Sustainable Constructional Steel (SCS) scheme is the first responsible sourcing scheme in the UK that is independently accredited by UKAS to the rigorous requirements of BS 8902:2009 - Responsible sourcing sector certification schemes for construction products. 

The key features and benefits of the scheme are:

  • Raw materials are fully traceable to their supplier.
  • All approved companies have ISO 14001 environmental management system and ISO 9001 quality management system certificates.
  • Independently verified environmental product declaration (EPD to EN 15804) or validated carbon footprint data.
  • Quality assured product to BS 4449, BS 4482, BS 4483 and BS 8666.
  • Meets the requirements of the UK government’s Procurement Policy Note – Procuring steel in major projects.