CARES publishes its latest Sustainability Report


CARES has today published its latest Sustainability Report.

Key impacts are through the adoption of CARES’ Sustainable Constructional Steel (SCS) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) schemes. The report provides updates and data on the implementation of these schemes, as well as information on CARES’ own impacts. 

Highlights include the uptake of stand-alone Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s); the development of CARES digital material passport enabling the sharing of global warming potential data, and improvements in responsible sourcing performance from approved firms. 

Lee Brankley, CEO said “Transparency is a guiding principle of everything we do at CARES.

“The latest Sustainability Report demonstrates how CARES continues to develop the scope of its services to enable constructional steel suppliers, and downstream constructional steel users, to better manage Environmental, Social and Governance risks while continuing to drive performance improvements.”