CARES launches new product conformity certification schedule


CARES has developed an optional addition to the Steel for the Reinforcement of Concrete (SRC) Scheme that specifically addresses the technical and operational requirements for the manufacture of carbon steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete for use in the nuclear power sector and other mega projects.

Lee Brankley, CARES Acting Chief Executive Officer, says “This addition to the SRC Scheme will establish a new level of performance to meet the demanding needs of both the nuclear supply chain and others embracing the highest levels of assurance and sustainability.”

The new product conformity certification scheme will apply to organizations possessing:

  • a valid CARES ISO 9001 quality management certificate
  • a valid CARES product conformity certificate
  • a valid CARES sustainability certification certificate
  • an OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety management system certificate
  • an ISO 14001 Environmental management system certificate.

Approved manufacturers will also use the CARES Cloud to transfer product test and achieve even more efficient transfer of product traceability data across the whole supply chain.

A list of the May 2015 amendments to the CARES Steel for the Reinforcement of Concrete (SRC) Scheme has been sent to CARES-approved companies and applicant firms.