CARES issues updated Guides for reinforcing steels


The full suite of CARES Guides to Product Certification are undergoing a complete review and update, encompassing all the technical, safety, sustainability and digital changes the industry has seen since the last major overhaul of the Guides in 2011.

The revised CARES Guide Part 1 - The product certification scheme for steel for the reinforcement of concrete is available now as a PDF download via the Guide to Reinforcing Steels page.

The CARES Guide, Part 1, covers CARES’ Steel for the Reinforcement of Concrete (SRC) scheme. Approval by CARES means compliance and regulatory approval is inbuilt in the process – and the newly released Guide sets out how the SRC scheme operates, along with its technical and audit requirements.

The updated Part 1 also carries essential pointers for identifying misleading or false assurance evidence, as well as invaluable advice covering government and private sector quality assurance requirements. There are also easily accessible summaries of how to meet third party product certification requirements.

As clients rightly specify ever more rigorous responsible sourcing requirements in the manufacture, procurement and delivery of constructional steels, the CARES Guides address each aspect of these processes. Over a dozen updated CARES Guides will be released in the coming months, each focusing in detail on a specific area of reinforcing steels.