First specialist CARES certificates awarded to Australian construction companies


Two leading Australian construction product supply companies have become the first to achieve CARES certification in a specialist product certification scheme developed for the Australasian post-tensioned concrete market.

The Sydney-based firms – Crosbe and Silva Global – have built strong track records for their products which are critical to the safe installation of safety critical high strength post-tensioning systems in major building projects.

Confirmation that initial approvals have been granted to the companies represents “a very important step forward in assurance across the Australasian marketplace” said CARES Chief Executive Officer, Lee Brankley.

CARES developed its new scheme following an approach from the Post-Tensioning Institute of Australasia (PTIA) which represents a significant number of specialist contractors and suppliers locally. As a result of its long-standing relationship with the Australasian Certification Authority for Reinforcing and Structural Steels (ACRS), CARES was able to work closely with a range of stakeholders to develop the post-tensioning scheme for this market.

These stakeholders include structural engineers, designers and consultants as well as clients and major contractors. All have been engaged in the process of developing the new product certification scheme – which covers safety-critical installations as well as products entering the supply chain already covered by ACRS certification.

Two more specialist suppliers are currently undergoing assessment by CARES and many other companies providing specialist post-tensioning services have expressed their interest. The CARES product certification scheme for the Supply and Installation of Post-Tensioning Systems for Concrete Structures was formally launched in May 2021.

CARES’ growing international reach reflects an increasing demand not only for proven assurance services but also the critical importance of digital supply chain transparency, said Mr Brankley.

“The pandemic has shown all of us how important it is to have a proven and rigorous digital capability. Clients rightly expect, and increasingly demand, a full understanding of product provenance and we have worked hard to build the digital resources they need,” he said.

“The global steel market is increasingly complex and is changing quickly as a result of a number of factors. One constant in all that change is the need for confidence in the products being sourced and safely installed; our relationships with colleagues in important markets like Australia proves how vital it is to continue deliver CARES assurance.”

Under the specific terms of the new certificates issued by CARES, Crosbe has achieved certification in ‘APT-03: Production and Supply of Prebagged Grout Material for use in Post-Tensioning Systems’ while Silva Global Pty. Ltd’s certification covers ‘APT-01: The production and supply of the Silva Global Post-Tensioning System comprising of live-end (stressing) anchorages of 3 to 5 strands using 12.7mm or 15.2mm PC Strand, for use in flat bonded post-tension systems. Tested in accordance with AS/NZS 1314:2003 and CARES APT01”

We encourage all specifiers to review their project specifications and ensure they specify ACRS assured high strength wire and strand to AS/NZS 4672 installed by CARES approved contractors to the CARES product certification scheme for the Supply and Installation of Post-Tensioning Systems.

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