World Steel Association (worldsteel) welcomes CARES into global steel body


World Steel Association welcomes CARES into global steel body

CARES’ growing international reach took another important step forward today as the World Steel Association (worldsteel) welcomed CARES into its membership.

worldsteel acts as the focal point for the steel industry providing global leadership on all major strategic issues impacting the industry. It has a particular focus on economic, environmental and social sustainability – priorities which align fully with CARES’ goals as CARES continues to build its reputation as the leading international provider of assured steel certification.

“We are extremely pleased to be accepted into membership by the World Steel Association,” said Lee Brankley, CARES Chief Executive Officer. “With members in every major steel producing country worldsteel is rightly recognised as one of the world’s most dynamic independent trade associations.”

Authoritative research and industry analysis, produced by worldsteel, helps members navigate an increasingly complex international steel market. Through its detailed work on Climate Action, worldsteel has created a centralised repository of information about climate-related activities in the steel industry offering a neutrally positioned, valued resource for those concerned about the issues.

Members can tap into industry-wide working parties and expert groups and, crucially, there is the opportunity to network with other steel industry professionals at sector-specific events convened by worldsteel.

Like CARES, worldsteel is an independent and non-profit body with ready access to expertise on a range of subjects. The worldsteel knowledge base of technical and economic data and global industry trends will open another “extremely important international route to a shared understanding of this industry’s priorities” added Mr Brankley.